Risk Management

MLMIC is committed to the education of healthcare professionals as an effective means of improving patient care and, ultimately, reducing the number and severity of claims. MLMIC’s Risk Management Department has developed comprehensive programs to help minimize the liability exposure of MLMIC-insured hospitals and long term care facilities, and its physician, surgeon, and dentist policyholders. These programs are available at no cost to MLMIC policyholders.

Consultative Services

MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants are professionals with diverse experience in the healthcare industry who are skilled in loss prevention. The Risk Management Consultants operate regionally and provide services to physician policyholders throughout New York State.

Medical Office and Group Practice Surveys & Assessments

Our Medical Office Practice Surveys can help improve patient care and reduce claims that arise in the private office setting. An on-site review and evaluation of individual office practices is conducted by our Risk Management Consultants, with an assessment of our insured’s office policies, procedures, and practices. Some of the office procedures and forms that may be reviewed include informed consent/consent forms, medical record documentation, physician/patient relations, follow-up of referrals and consultations, and professional staff credentialing. Recommendations for improvement of the practice are provided to the physician upon completion of the survey.

On-Site Education Programs for Group Members and Staff

An informed and highly motivated staff is a group’s best resource for reducing the potential for patient injury and subsequent financial loss. Educating staff members to assist them in providing high quality care in a safe environment is a major element of MLMIC’s risk management program. Another advantage of staff education is that when employees are comfortable with the loss control concept, they will more readily notify management of patient incidents.

Risk Management Consultants can provide your practice with presentations on a variety of educational topics at no cost.

These presentations may include:

  • Office Safety and Risk Management
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Medication Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Disruptive Behaviors
  • Use of Social Media
  • Medical Record Documentation
  • Lessons Learned from Claims
  • Patient Experience

Legal Advice and Services

Policyholders may access a variety of legal services provided by Fager Amsler & Keller, LLP, counsel to MLMIC. Fager Amsler & Keller, LLP attorneys are located in our Latham, Long Island, and Syracuse offices. The firm’s experienced attorneys specialize in healthcare law, including professional liability issues, medical malpractice defense litigation, and regulatory compliance, and have broad experience analyzing significant regulatory information relating to the health professions. They also conduct legal audits and assessments of areas of medical practice that require focused review. The attorneys monitor current statutes, regulations, and case law and keep our insureds apprised when there is an impact on potential liability. They are available to serve as featured speakers at medical and dental society member programs. Fager Amsler & Keller, LLP also provides MLMIC insured physicians with a selection of legal forms and documents for use in their practice. Fager Amsler & Keller, LLP attorneys are available during regular business hours and can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

Latham (518) 786-2880
Long Island (516) 794-7340
Syracuse (315) 428-1380

For specific information on any of MLMIC’s Risk Management services, contact us at (212) 576-9601.