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We are owned and governed by policyholders.

  • MLMIC's policyholders are owners, with full voting rights to elect the company's Board of Directors, thereby having direct input into vital areas of operation.
  • Comprised primarily of practicing physicians, dentists, and hospital administrators, the governing Board's members share their colleagues' concerns and can make recommendations accordingly.

We offer unparalleled experience.

  • MLMIC's expertise is derived from being the leading insurer of New York physicians, surgeons, hospitals, dentists, and other providers of healthcare since 1975.
  • MLMIC has successfully defended more New York physicians than all other New York insurers combined.
  • MLMIC is among the largest providers of medical professional liability insurance coverage nationwide.

We are committed to service and integrity.

  • MLMIC's mutual company model provides policyholder-first service at the lowest possible cost consistent with long term viability.
  • MLMIC is a respected voice in the State legislature and advocates on behalf of its policyholders on liability insurance and tort reform matters.
  • MLMIC is endorsed by, and works closely with, the State medical, dental and hospital associations on insurance and legislative issues.