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Treating Family and Friends: A Risk Management Perspective

2 years ago

Treating friends and relatives as patients can lead to malpractice litigation.  Physicians must carefully consider the particular circumstances presented before deciding to treat a family member, close friend or even an acquaintance. If the patient is injured as a result of your treatment, failure to make a diagnosis, or follow up on test results, even relatives may not hesitate to sue you.

Unfortunately, sometimes such relationships result in poor or inadequate medical documentation and disastrous results for the patient. What can you do to protect yourself and ensure patient safety? Here are some suggestions from our most recent Case Review:

These thoughts are excerpts of a legal and risk management perspective written by Donnaline Richman, Esq., for MLMIC’s Summer 2016 Case Review, which you can view here. The publication includes the full version of this perspective along with two case studies that illustrate some of the pitfalls of treating family and friends.



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