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Hospitals Authorized to Allow Patients to Self-Administer Medical Marijuana During Stay

NYS Department of Health (DOH) regulations allow patients to self-administer medical marijuana in the facility during their hospital stay. Facilities that allow patients to self-administer any medications should ensure that all aspects of the regulation are included in their policies and procedures.


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Phishing Email Disguised as HIPAA Audit Notification

HHS has issued an alert that a phishing scam email is being circulated on mock HHS departmental letterhead. This email, which appears to be an official government communication to HIPAA covered entities, prompts recipients to click a link regarding possible inclusion in the HIPAA audit program.


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Failure to Update NYS Physician Profile May Result in Misconduct Charge

As part of its professional misconduct investigations, OPMC now asks whether physicians have updated their profiles on the Physician Profile website.


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