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Medical Errors

Internal bleeding – the truth behind America’s terrifying epidemic of medical mistakes. Robert M. Wachter and Kaveh G. Shojania. Rugged Land, LLC. This updated edition includes the latest findings on patient safety by two of the foremost authorities on medical mistakes. Two dynamic physician-professors investigate (and re-investigate) the rampant errors endemic to modern medical care and suggest ways to prevent hospitals and doctors from inadvertently killing their patients. Emerging from these compelling stories and provocative insights is a powerful case for change - by policymakers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and even patients and their families. Wachter & Shojania underscore the depth and breadth of dangers in medical care; more important, they suggest basic safety procedures and hard-nosed remedies that could make erratic systems fail-safe and save countless lives.

(Call No. R M 151-109 2005)

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When things go wrong: Voices of patients and families. Risk Management Foundation of the Harvard Medical Institutions; 2006. This frank and moving film features eight patients and their families sharing the impacts of medical error on their lives. Their searing insights offer ideas for improving the healthcare system and patient/provider communication. The patient’s perspective, in this unique format, is a rare and compelling gift. This educational DVD package includes the feature film (26 minutes) created by Tom Delbanco, MD and Tom Augello, CRICO/RMF; six theme-based vignettes; five patient narratives; A Guide for Learners and Facilitators; and an annotated bibliography. Dr. Delbanco is the Koplow–Tullis Professor of General Medicine and Primary Care at Harvard Medical School and a physician in the Division of General Medicine and Primary Care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

(Call No. DVD 002-531)

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PEARLS for medication error reduction. American Hospital Association; 2002. Designed by a task force of practicing risk managers, chaired by a pharmacologist, this pocket guide is the ultimate resource for healthcare professionals involved in medication error reduction. This booklet covers issues including the five most common medication errors, sound alike drugs, problematic devices, high risk drugs, training and effective communication. While providing concise references, this pocket guide also offers a tips for a proactive approach to error reduction. Pearls provide easy to digest, quick and reliable reference on important risk management issues.

(Call No. R M 151-095)

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Internal bleeding – the truth behind America’s terrifying epidemic of medical mistakes. Kaveh G. Shojania. Rugged Land, LLC; 2004. Imagine an epidemic that kills over one hundred Americans every day. Now stop imagining. Each year doctors and nurses kill nearly one hundred thousand Americans. By mistake. They operate on the wrong patients, prescribe the wrong drugs, and leave instruments inside body cavities after surgery. Meanwhile, hospitals spend billions on new gadgets, marble lobbies, and slick billboards even as safety continues to be ignored. Until now. Internal Bleeding exposes the dark secrets behind the glistening facade of modern medicine. Doctors Robert Wachter and Kaveh Shojania, professors at one of America's leading medical schools and two of the world's foremost authorities on medical mistakes, shatter the silence to tell the dramatic and compelling stories of real patients betrayed by a system they trusted to save them. Through these stories, the authors reveal the inner workings, gut-wrenching dilemmas, and heartbreaking tragedies of our overburdened, understaffed health care system. Internal Bleeding provides an insider's view of how professional caregivers think, feel, and operate-facts that every patient and family must know to avoid becoming just another"

(Call No. R M 151-109)

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