Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) is a leader in the medical malpractice insurance industry and has been meeting the professional liability needs of healthcare professionals for over 40 years. Our mission is to provide quality professional liability insurance to physicians, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals at the lowest possible cost.

Created as a mutual company, MLMIC’s policyholders are owners, with full voting rights to elect the company’s Board of Directors, thereby having direct input into vital areas of operation. Since the governing Board is comprised primarily of practicing physicians, dentists, and hospital administrators, Board members are fully aware of their colleagues’ concerns and can make recommendations for program enhancements.

MLMIC is, and has always been, a strong advocate for the healthcare community and has effectively lobbied for legislative reform to address those issues that continue to plague healthcare professionals.

MLMIC stands behind its philosophy to aggressively defend and resist any payment for groundless claims and to swiftly and equitably compensate claimants with meritorious claims. Since its inception, MLMIC has successfully defended more New York physicians than any other New York insurer, a fact held in high regard by New York’s legal community.

Today, MLMIC is not only the largest writer of medical professional liability insurance in the State of New York, but also one of the largest companies of its kind in the nation. MLMIC insures over 13,000 physicians, 3,000 dentists, dozens of hospitals, and thousands of other healthcare professionals and facilities.