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Over 25 years ago, MLMIC & the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) partnered to design a dental professional liability program exclusively for NYSDA members. The NYSDA-MLMIC Program is by, and for, the New York State dentists it serves.

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MLMIC offers the choice of occurrence or claims made coverage, along with discounts and additional coverage options.

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Built-in coverage and benefits.

Included in primary coverage:

  • Legal Defense Costs Coverage up to $25,000 for administrative actions and Medicare/Medicaid fraud and/or abuse proceeding
  • Contractual Liability Coverage
  • Shared Limits Coverage for Qualified Professional Entities
  • Automatic Extended Reporting Endorsement (Tail) Coverage premium costs waived for qualified claims made policyholders on their permanent and total retirement from the practice of dentistry

Take advantage of valuable savings.

MLMIC provides a number of discount opportunities to help lower the cost of coverage.

$50 flat rate premium

New dentist discount – first year policy at a flat rate premium of $50 and discounts for up to 4 years.

10% savings

Risk management discount – 10% savings when you complete a NYSDA-approved risk management program

50% savings

Part-time practitioner discount – 50% for dentists who limit their practice to 20 hours a week or less.

3% credit

Annual prepay discount – 3% credit for prompt payment of full annual premium

If you are an oral surgeon, please contact us at (800) 683-7769.

Learn about excess and optional coverages.

Excess Dental Malpractice Program

Pursuant to New York State Insurance Department Regulation 124, in order to remain eligible for participation in the dental malpractice excess insurance program, hospital affiliated dentists must complete an excess dental malpractice risk management course every two years. MLMIC has designed risk management programs that its insured dentists can take to satisfy both the premium credit and excess eligibility requirements.

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Optional coverages

Defense costs coverage

A $100,000 limit for the costs of defending an administrative action or governmental proceeding is available to qualifying dental policyholders for an additional premium charge.

Professional entity coverage

Eligible professional entities may purchase separate limits of coverage up to $1,000,000 each person/$3,000,000 total for a premium charge.

For more details, or to see if you qualify, contact a MLMIC representative.

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