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7 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Medical Liability Insurance

Medical liability insurance is an absolute must-have for practicing physicians and dentists, and deciding who to receive coverage from is a very important decision that should not be made lightly.


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Risk Retention Groups: Weighing the Risks

Many of MLMIC’s policyholders receive solicitations from risk retention groups (RRGs) promising lower premiums.


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In Your Defense: The Dental Record

If you ever find yourself involved in a malpractice dispute with one of your dental patients, the dental records you’ve kept on that patient – if maintained well – will be invaluable to you.


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MLMIC Benefits: The MLMIC Library

Did you know about MLMIC’s library and librarian-assisted research services? We encourage all our insureds to take advantage of not only our extensive virtual collection of educational materials, but also our “Ask a Librarian” service that allows you to obtain assistance with your research.


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