5 Percent Dividend for MLMIC Policyholders

MLMIC’s Board of Directors recently approved a 5 percent dividend for all MLMIC policyholders insured as of May 1, 2014! The 2014 dividend will be applied for dentists by June 1 and on July 1 for physicians, extenders, hospitals and other healthcare facilities that maintain continuous coverage through July 1.

The payment of dividends when fiscally prudent is just one of the things that set MLMIC apart from the field. Remember: MLMIC is a mutual insurer, meaning that policyholders are the company’s owners. We are truly a company run by physicians, hospitals and dentists for physicians, hospitals and dentists!

MLMIC remains committed to policyholder-first service. We will continue to work to provide much needed relief to our policyholders, while maintaining financial stability.

For more information on MLMIC, please call your nearest MLMIC underwriting office: New York City, (800) 275-6564; Long Island, (877) 777-3560; Latham, (800) 635-0666; Syracuse, (800) 356-4056. Dentists may call (800) 683-7769.