CDC Webinar Explores Critical Aspects of Injection Safety

A variety of treatment settings require injected medications to prevent and treat illnesses. The safety of patients and healthcare professionals in these situations can depend on nurses adhering to best practices for injection safety.

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, the CDC and the American Nurses Association will present a free one-hour webinar on this important topic – Empowering Nurses to Protect Themselves and Their Patients: Exploring Best Practices in Injection Safety. This presentation will describe the essential balance between meeting immediate or emergent patient safety needs and performing recommended infection control practices during clinical care. It will also identify safe injection practices intended to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections and describe injection practices in a hemodialysis facility that would increase a patient’s risk for infection.

MLMIC encourages all our facilities and physicians to provide nurses the opportunity to view this webinar and explore the critical aspects of protecting themselves and their patients.

Interested participants can register for the event here.