Emergency Department Liability Webinar Hosted by MLMIC, HANYS and MLMIC Legal Department

The emergency department is a leading source of professional liability claims against hospitals and healthcare providers. The chaotic environment, difficult patient presentations and lack of communication and care coordination all contribute to ED liability risk. Join MLMIC, an exclusive partner of HANYS Marketplaceā„¢, and the MLMIC Legal Department on Wednesday, June 8, at noon, as they present the leading causes of emergency medicine claims and offer strategies to mitigate these risks.

Upon completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • identify common causes of professional liability claims in the ED;
  • recognize communication issues that contribute to claims in the ED;
  • discuss key lessons learned through the analysis of clinical case studies; and
  • develop and implement risk management strategies to improve patient safety and reduce potential liability exposure.

Speakers include:

  • Joyce McCormack, RN, BSN, Risk Management Consultant, MLMIC Services, Inc.
  • Brenna Gubala, Esq, MLMIC Legal Department

This event is open to HANYS members and non-members. Register here.