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“Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills” Law Takes Effect in New York

3 years ago

The “Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills” law, effective March 31, 2015, impacts billing and reimbursement for some out-of-network healthcare services.  The law firm of Kaufman Borgeest and Ryan, LLP, recently provided its clients with a summary of the key provisions of the law that affect physicians and other healthcare professionals. The firm has generously offered to share its update with readers of MLMIC’s blog.

Here’s a preview:

Providers in New York State who are out-of-network with any of their patients’ insurance plans (or refer patients to out-of-network providers) should immediately review their billing practices for compliance with the state’s new Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills law.  It subjects every NY licensed health care provider – physicians, physical therapists, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, home care agencies, etc. – to rules that:

Click here to view the PDF of the client advisory from Kaufman Borgeest and Ryan, LLP.


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