An Urgent Legal/ Legislative Update from MLMIC

Below, MLMIC Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Lombardo shares news of Governor Hochul’s veto of the Grieving Families Act (GFA) but cautions that the legislative process is not over.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has just vetoed the Grieving Families Act (GFA), which would have provided new mechanisms for additional compensation to plaintiffs in wrongful death actions. Specifically, the legislation would have increased the number of “close family members” that could have sought compensation, would have allowed them more time to bring such actions and would have expanded the types of damages they can currently seek beyond economic loss to include new forms of noneconomic loss (“grief and anguish”). A copy of the Governor’s veto is attached below.

MLMIC, working in close coordination with MSSNY, NY specialty and county medical societies, and an industry wide coalition of partners, opposed the GFA, deeply concerned of the economic repercussions that will be felt throughout New York’s Healthcare Community today and in the future.

However, this does not end the legislative process regarding the GFA. It is anticipated that at some point during the 2023 legislative session, a new push will begin in the Legislature to introduce the same version of the GFA in a new bill and then seek to obtain passage of the new bill in both houses. MLMIC will continue to work with the healthcare community and coalition partners to advocate against such a new bill.

As we have since 1975, we stand by you, ready to defend, assist and advocate for you, as we deal with changes that occur in our healthcare delivery system.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity and privilege of serving you. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (800) ASK-MLMIC.

John W. Lombardo, MD, FACS

Chief Medical Officer, MLMIC Insurance Company