MLMIC Celebrates New York’s Strength at Healthcare Parade in the Canyon of Heroes

It’s still fresh in our collective and personal memories: the extended period when New York City was the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our healthcare workers – from paramedics to firefighters, nurses to physicians – were on the front lines. It will likely take years to fully grasp the entirety of the toll of the crisis, including its lasting impact on those who bravely staffed ambulances, ERs and ICUs. Although we can never thank these healthcare heroes enough, New York City came together for a ticker tape parade on July 7 to honor their efforts.

MLMIC was there along the parade route – each and every one of us so moved to see the outpouring of support from a grateful city. But it’s more than that. For decades, MLMIC has proudly represented, advocated for and defended New York’s physicians. It was an honor to celebrate them in our city’s famous Canyon of Heroes.

Appearing on News12, Dr. John Lombardo shares his thoughts: “We’re very grateful to everybody – fire, police, doctors, nurses, everybody who stood up. And we’re honored to do that as a company… to show our strength.” Dr. Lombardo and other members of the MLMIC team appear around the 1:00-mark in this video of the News12 parade coverage.

News12 Interviews Dr. John Lombardo, MLMIC’s Chief Medical Officer

The team was also spotted by Fox5 New York’s crew in its live coverage of the Healthcare Heroes parade. You can find us roughly five minutes into this video the news team shared on YouTube.

HC Heroes Parade Fox 5 Live shot

MLMIC’s position along the parade route captured in a live shot during Fox5 News’ coverage of the event

We echo Dr. Lombardo’s mention of “our strength.” In our work with physicians, medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities across our state, we see again and again the expertise, compassion and strength you all bring the practice of medicine. We’re honored to stand alongside you.