Managing Your Social Media Presence Webinar on August 12

On August 12 at noon, MLMIC and HANYS will present Managing Your Social Media Presence, a complimentary webinar on the benefits and appropriate use of social media in healthcare. Social media can help healthcare providers market their services and share important medical information with current and prospective patients, while also creating opportunities to build and maintain physician-patient relationships. However, there are concerns related to its use, including advertising risks, breaches of patient confidentiality, inappropriate use and distraction in the workplace and negative online posts and reviews by patients.

This 60-minute program, presented by MLMIC President Michael J. Schoppmann, Esq., will educate participants on optimizing their social media strategies and minimizing the associated risks and liability issues. After attending the webinar, healthcare providers will be able to:

•             understand best practices for use of social media in healthcare;

•             analyze the positive aspects and pitfalls of various platforms;

•             describe the appropriate use of social media in marketing;

•             formulate approaches to address negative patient online reviews;

•             evaluate potential legal implications of social media on patient privacy and confidentiality; and

•             select strategies to develop and monitor social media policies.

Policyholders can sign up via the webinar registration form. Please contact Registration Support at or at (518) 431-7867 with any questions.