Talk Studio: The Medical Liability Deposition Process in New York

MLMIC Insurance Company is proud to present new episodes of Talk Studio, a video series on important and trending issues in professional liability, healthcare law and risk management. The latest from Talk Studio is this 11-part series on the medical liability deposition process in New York. The information and guidance provided here by attorneys from Fager Amsler Keller and Schoppmann (FAKS), LLP, is critical for physicians and other medical professionals.

Part 1: Teamwork, Service of Legal Papers and Acting Fast
Al Anthony Mercado, Esq., and Mirsade Markovic, Esq., discuss the different types of legal documents, including Summons & Complaints and Subpoenas, a medical professional may receive over the course of their career. They touch upon the differences between them and emphasize the importance of reaching out to your medical professional liability (MPL) carrier or counsel immediately after receipt of any legal papers. In addition, they explore why teamwork (among the insured, carrier/claims specialist, defense counsel and a well-prepared witness) is a necessary element of a successful defense.

Part 2: Key Do’s and Don’ts After Receipt of Legal Papers
Mercado and Markovic from FAKS discuss the key things to do and not do after receipt of any type of legal documents, including notifying your MPL carrier as soon as possible, not contacting the plaintiff’s attorney and refraining from doing any research or record review other than your own.

Part 3: Documentation and Attorney/Client Communication
In the third part of our series on the medical liability deposition process, Mercado and Markovic of FAKS discuss how good documentation can contribute to credibility (versus having to rely on custom & practice). They note what details are helpful for documenting conversations specific to informed consent (in addition to the signed form) and emphasize the critical nature of honest and open communication between attorneys and medical professionals.

Part 4: Preparation
In the fourth part of our series on the deposition process, Mercado and Markovic of FAKS discuss the fundamentals of proper, effective preparation for a deposition. They explore attorney-client privilege; resisting the temptation to review other documents; independent recollection and when it’s better to not recall than to guess; and more.

Part 5: Timing
In the fifth part of our series, Mercado and Markovic of FAKS discuss how timing and scheduling can impact the deposition. They explain how being fresh and focused are vital to performing well and how clearing your schedule and having a final prep with your defense attorney can help you feel – and seem – less rushed.

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