Introducing Mercado May-Skinner

Attorneys, Counselors-at-Law and Employees of MLMIC Insurance Company

After nearly 35 years of superb service to MLMIC policyholders, the law firm of Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann, LLP (FAKS) was dissolved, making way for the new in-house law firm of Mercado May-Skinner (MMS).

MMS will build on the standard of legal excellence MLMIC policyholders have come to expect and will continue to provide risk management advice, medical malpractice defense, legal analysis and related legal services. Nancy May-Skinner, Esq., and Al Anthony Mercado, Esq., will co-manage MMS. Previously, they managed the respective Upstate and Downstate regions for FAKS.

Contact MMS in Syracuse at (315) 428-1380, Colonie at (518) 786-2880 or Long Island at (516) 794-7340 or (877) 426-9555.