MLMIC Honored With Special Gift of Thanks


For its continuous service and dedication in representing dentists throughout Onondaga County and New York State, MLMIC recently received a very special token of thanks. MLMIC President Robert A. Menotti, M.D., was presented with a United States flag by Gerald F. Danaher, D.D.S., past president of the Onondaga County Dental Society and captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve. The flag is an exceptional one: it flew over the U.S.S. Constitution, “Old Ironsides,” the oldest continuously active ship in the U.S. Navy, launched in 1797. Dr. Danaher obtained the flag on a recent visit to the ship, anchored in Boston harbor.

During his presentation of the flag, Dr. Danaher referred to the skilled, professional work by MLMIC staff — in joint effort with the Society — to provide the best liability protection available at the lowest possible premiums consistent with fiscal responsibility. Dr. Menotti conveyed his appreciation on behalf of the company, and stated that MLMIC was honored by such a thoughtful gift. He also noted that Dr. Danaher’s view echoes MLMIC’s belief that it provides a superior level of personalized service.

The flag will be prominently displayed at MLMIC’s Syracuse office, where it was presented.