MLMIC Member Testimonial: First Claim Experience

The following is a testimonial from one of MLMIC’s policyholders.

I am writing to thank MLMIC for the assistance provided to me and my office during a recent claim by a patient. The initial help provided to us by Ms. Barbara Gottstein and the legal advice provided by Ms. Donnie Richman, Esq. were both timely and reassuring. After 40 years of practicing without a claim, my initial apprehension was quickly reduced by the calm, confident voice of Ms. Gottstein who then quickly secured the legal support of Ms. Richman.

Their conference call and legal documents provided me with the tools I needed to address the claim and to resolve the issues, thereby ending the claim process. I would encourage all my fellow dentists to rest assured that the MLMIC response team is excellent. I would not hesitate to call and discuss any professional issues with them, knowing that their interest is in protecting our interests as dentists.

MLMIC Policyholder, 20+ years
Central New York