MLMIC Releases Proactive Risk Management Follow-Up Program VI

As part of MLMIC’s ongoing commitment to helping physicians and other healthcare practitioners improve the quality of patient care and reduce potential liability exposure in their practices, a new online risk management CME program, Proactive Risk Management Follow-Up Program VI (Follow-Up VI), has been developed for our policyholders and is now available at

In this program, expert physicians, healthcare attorneys, and MLMIC Claims and Risk Management representatives discuss issues in risk management currently affecting physicians, including liability risks related to the use of advertising, electronic medical records, and voice recognition software. High-exposure liability claims associated with errors in diagnosis and strategies to prevent these claims are reviewed. Challenging patient behaviors that can impact the physician-patient relationship are presented and recommendations are made to reduce potential liability exposure. Lastly, Follow-Up VI addresses recent trends in back disorder claims, including findings from the PIAA Data Sharing Project presented by their Director of Research and Risk Management.

In addition to its educational value, Follow-Up VI allows physicians to earn CME credit and eligibility to participate in the New York State excess medical malpractice insurance program.

For further information, please contact MLMIC’s Risk Management Department at (212) 576-9601.

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2 thoughts on “MLMIC Releases Proactive Risk Management Follow-Up Program VI

  1. Emile A Powe , MD says:

    Does the program require a set amount of time to complete at one sitting, if so how much time?

    1. MLMIC’s Proactive Risk Management Programs (Basic and Follow-Up VI) are being offered in an online format which provides users with increased program flexibility by allowing them to complete a course at a time and place of their choosing, as well as in one or multiple sessions. The sessions range in length from 25 to 45 minutes. In total, the Basic program will take approximately 8 hours to complete, and Follow-Up VI will take approximately 6 hours.

      If you have any further questions regarding these programs, please contact MLMIC’s Risk Management Department at (800) 275-6564.

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