MLMIC Resource Center Assists Policyholders with Risk Management and Patient Safety Inquiries

For policyholders who are short on time and in need of resources to answer questions, the MLMIC Resource Center (formerly the MLMIC Research Library) is available to help. MLMIC policyholders and their staff have exclusive access to the MLMIC Resource Center, which has a focus on healthcare risk management, patient safety, professional liability and related topics.

Resource Center Administrator Judith Kroft will conduct research, literature and Internet searches on your behalf utilizing a wide variety of current healthcare reference materials.

The Resource Center has other benefits, as well, including a number of books that are available for loan on various healthcare risk management topics and growing collection of MLMIC publications to read and download on a complimentary basis. The following is a list of the most recent additions to the MLMIC Resource Center:

  1. Charting the course: Launching patient-centric healthcare. John J. Nance and Kathleen M. Bartholomew. Second River Healthcare Press; 2012 (QA/CQI 148-125).
  2. Credentialing, privileging and medical staff governance: Essential terms and guidance. Sheri Patterson. HCPro; 2018 (Med Staff 113-104).
  3. Environment of care essentials for health care: Environment of care, emergency management, equipment management and life safety. Joint Commission Resources; 2019 (Safety 152-078 2019).
  4. Guidelines for perinatal care: Eighth edition. Sarah J. Kilpatrick, Lu-Ann Papile and George A. Macones. ACOG; 2018 (Ob/Gyn 128-008h 2018).
  5. Medical informatics: An executive primer. Ken Ong. Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS); 2015 (Med Rcds 500-040 2015).
  6. Medical staff governing documents: Bylaws, policies and procedures. Todd Sagin. HCPro; 2017 (Med Staff 113-106).
  7. Performance indicators clinical specialty-specific strategies and samples. Teresa P. Sappington. HCPro; 2017 (Med Staff 113-105).

To request research assistance or explore the wide variety of complimentary resources available to you through the MLMIC Resource Center (including the titles above), please contact Judith Kroft, Resource Center Administrator, at or (800) 635-0666.