MLMIC’s 2015 Annual Report Now Available

MLMIC’s 2015 Annual Report has been published and is available now on our website. This year’s report features an opening letter from MLMIC President Dr. Robert Menotti that includes an overview of how the Board was able to declare a 20% dividend, the largest in our 40-year history.

In addition, Dr. Menotti explains the challenges of doing business in New York and describes MLMIC’s efforts to minimize industry disruption and keep premiums stable. He notes that we work tirelessly with our coalition partners and elected officials to avoid or minimize the effects of such challenges: “By putting the interests of our policyholders first, we are confident we can meet these challenges and continue to meet the needs of our policyholders for financial security.”

To read the letter in full (which also gives a brief preview of 2016) and access the full report (which includes summary financial information), please click here.