Talk Studio: Navigating Claims in the COVID-19 Era

MLMIC Insurance Company is proud to present the latest episode of Talk Studio, a video series on important and trending issues in professional liability, healthcare law and risk management.

Here, MLMIC attorney Al Anthony Mercado, Esq., and Linda Padilla-Diaz, vice president of MLMIC Claims, Central Region, discuss MLMIC’s experience with claims over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, including modifications that remain in place.

Padilla-Diaz shares how the company’s New York-centric expertise helps work towards positive outcomes for the company’s policyholders. This unique position – over 45 years of experience exclusively focused on New York – plays a critical role in navigating the nuances of various regions across the state.

Together, Mercado and Padilla-Diaz explore how MLMIC’s claims specialists and outside defense counsel collaborate on behalf of Insureds and how they have addressed the many ways the pandemic impacted how trials are conducted.

“The way cases were tried and defended was definitely impacted by the COVID measures,” explains Mercado. “The face masks, the shields, where the jury was sitting, if the expert was there or remote—these were all things that definitely played a role. MLMIC Insurance Company claims specialists and the defense team that works with MLMIC adapted to that.”

Mercado and Padilla-Diaz also describe how courtroom precaution measures have evolved in 2022. For example, those in attendance still wear masks, but claims specialists and claims personnel are now permitted to attend cases in-person.   

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