New Albany Report Updates Policyholders About Second Half of NYS Legislative Session

In April, MLMIC launched a new publicationThe Albany Report – to give policyholders a concise, insiders’ view of the pending legislative, regulatory and political developments impacting the New York State medical malpractice insurance marketplace. As the NYS Legislature enters the second half of its 2017 legislative session, we’ve released a second issue.

The new issue of The Albany Report (Volume 1, Number 2; available here*) provides updates on bills that would expand liability for healthcare providers, businesses and municipalities. Specifically, it addresses two pieces of legislation: one that broadens the statute of limitations governing actions that allege medical malpractice (Lavern’s Law) and another that expands non-economic damages in wrongful death cases. In addition, the latest issue includes information on protections for peer reviews, restrictions on arbitration and the status (and significance) of the Independent Democratic Coalition.

For over 40 years, MLMIC has been committed to meeting the liability insurance needs of physicians, dentists, hospitals and other healthcare professionals. As a core part of its mission, MLMIC is, and always has been, a strong advocate for the healthcare community and has effectively lobbied for legislative and regulatory reform to address those issues that continue to impact healthcare professionals. The Albany Report is intended to enhance this advocacy.

*UPDATE: This edition is no longer live. Please access the most current version of The Albany Report here.