New Secure Portal and 24/7 Call Center Enhance Service to MLMIC Policyholders

MLMIC is pleased to announce two new resources: an upgraded secure portal and a 24/7 call center. Both customer service enhancements are part of MLMIC’s effort to deliver a responsive, concierge-like experience for our policyholders.

MLMIC’s New Secure Portal
When signing in for the first time, you’ll notice MLMIC’s portal looks a little different. Although the secure site continues to offer access to the same resources you’ve been relying on for years –  renewal application updates for completion and confirmation, risk management courses and MLMIC publications – the changes are more than cosmetic.

At the core of the portal upgrade are increased data security and new offerings built around the needs of insureds. These include ACH capabilities (the option to pay your premium electronically) and portal access for policy administrators and office staff whom policyholders may want to assist them. Upcoming enhancements will allow policyholders to request different kinds of information, such as certificates of insurance, loss history and electronic policy forms.

In addition, this new portal will help MLMIC expand its customer service capabilities to include even more interactive and engaging tools and resources in the future.

MLMIC’s 24/7 Call Center
Our new 24/7 call center provides around the clock access to a representative without long waits or phone trees. This new service enables callers to leave a detailed message, at their convenience, concerning any issues that they may have.  Call center messages for general inquiries are given priority for response on the next business day, while callers seeking urgent legal advice will be put in touch with an attorney through our FAKS Legal Hotline.

For questions about the secure MLMIC portal or 24/7 call center – or for assistance getting started with any new features –  please call 1-800-ASK-MLMIC.