Beyond the Behavioral Health Unit: Managing Mental Health, a Webinar by MLMIC and HANYS

Policyholders are invited to attend Beyond the Behavioral Health Unit: Managing Mental Health, hosted by MLMIC and HANYS, on Wednesday, March 24, at noon. The 60-minute webinar will explore mental healthcare delivery in the emergency department, the general inpatient unit and the ambulatory care setting. Given the hectic nature of these environments, patient mental health needs may be more difficult to identify or may be overlooked. MLMIC Risk Management Consultants Mark Ambrose and Anne Heintz will outline strategies to help participants mitigate risks associated with mental healthcare in these environments and analyze factors that impact claims of medical malpractice. This webinar will also examine the mental health needs of patients and healthcare professionals specific to navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the end of the presentation, viewers will be able to:

  • assess professional liability risks in clinical areas outside of behavioral health units;
  • recognize the factors that impact claims of medical malpractice;
  • evaluate the effect of COVID-19 on patients and healthcare professionals; and
  • create risk management strategies to promote staff and patient safety.

Behavioral health directors, quality improvement managers, medical directors, risk managers, office practice administrators, nursing leadership, patient safety officers, healthcare counsel, chief executive officers and chief operating officers and those interested in gaining risk management perspective are encouraged to attend.

Policyholders can sign up for this event via the webinar registration form. Please contact registration support ( or 518-431-7867) with any questions.