MLMIC and HANYS Offer Webinar on Top Risks of the Physician Office Setting

Enrollment is currently open for the next webinar, “Top Risks of the Physician Office Setting.” Please join HANYS and MLMIC on Wednesday, October 24, at noon for this 90-minute complimentary webinar on the most common risks identified in the physician office setting. It will offer risk management strategies that can be used to mitigate professional liability exposure, reduce the risk of patient injury, and in the event of litigation, contribute to a strong defense.

Please register online.

As a result of attending the presentation, you will be able to:

  • evaluate the top areas of risk identified in MLMIC’s physician office practice survey;
  • develop appropriate strategies for tracking pending tests results and consultations;
  • effectively manage and document patient telephone calls;
  • implement documentation techniques to mitigate professional liability risks; and
  • formulate strategies to reduce liability exposure in the office practice setting.

Speakers for this webinar are:

  • Nicole Harmon, Senior Director, HANYS Solutions Practice Advancement Strategies;
  • Joyce McCormack, Risk Management Consultant, MLMIC Insurance Company; and
  • Martin Kaiser, Risk Management Consultant, MLMIC Insurance Company.