Physicians: Take Our Claims Free Discount Survey!


UPDATE: The response period for this survey has ended. Thanks to all those who participated.


MLMIC’s Patient Safety & Education Committee (PS&EC) has developed two optional surveys for our physician policyholders focusing on the five-year claims free discount (CFD). All MLMIC insured physicians for whom we have a valid email address have been sent a short survey. The physicians who currently receive the CFD are asked to name the factors that they feel may have helped prevent a lawsuit. The physicians who are not currently receiving this discount are asked to identify the factors that they think contributed to their claims history.

We would appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey.  All responses will be recorded anonymously.  The results will be reviewed and analyzed by the PS&EC, and presented to our policyholders as part of our ongoing educational efforts to reduce risk and promote patient safety.

Thank you for your participation!

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6 thoughts on “Physicians: Take Our Claims Free Discount Survey!

  1. Norman V. Godfrey, MD says:

    I received and took the survey a week or two ago. I assume that you received my answered survey, but this email I just received causes me some doubt. Therefore I ask: did my survey not make it to you and should I take it again?

    1. If you took the survey already – thank you, there’s no need to retake it! (We sent out a reminder in our most recent e-blast. Sorry for any confusion.)

    1. We’re sorry you didn’t receive our original email. Please click on the link within the post above that says “click here” to take the survey. Thanks for participating!

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