Revised ACOG Recommendation Adds “Fourth Trimester” to Postpartum Care

On April 23, 2018, ACOG released a revised Committee Opinion that integrates a “fourth trimester” into postpartum care for mothers.  The prior recommendation of a single visit within the six weeks following delivery is replaced with an ongoing process of an initial assessment within three weeks and a comprehensive evaluation within 12 weeks.

Discussions with patients should begin during pregnancy. Issues providers should address with patients include the following:

  • mood and emotional well-being,
  • contraception,
  • sleep patterns,
  • chronic disease management and
  • infant care and feeding.

ACOG’s goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality of mothers following childbirth through the provision of an all-inclusive care plan and a designated care team.

MLMIC encourages all providers who care for women during pregnancy and following childbirth to review the opinion and incorporate these recommendations into their practice.