New Risk Management CME Module Addresses Challenges in the Physician-Patient Relationship

We are pleased to announce that the latest addition to MLMIC’s series of Risk Management CME Modules is now available online. In “The Physician-Patient Relationship: A Closer Look,” a physician expert and an attorney specializing in healthcare law and claims management discuss challenges in the physician-patient relationship. Various patient profiles are reviewed and strategies for managing potential problems are presented. Suggestions are also provided to help improve the patient experience.

Topics addressed in the program include:

  • patient characteristics and behaviors that may make the physician-patient relationship difficult;
  • strategies to manage the problems associated with these patient characteristics and behaviors;
  • how to document patient behaviors that can negatively affect care and treatment, especially non-compliance;
  • the unique problems faced by physicians who choose to treat patients with whom they have a close relationship; and
  • steps that can be taken to enhance the patient experience in clinical practice.

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