Updated COVID-19 Reporting Requirements for New York State Healthcare Professionals

On November 3, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo updated Executive Order 202 with the following provision:

Physicians and healthcare personnel are required to report COVID-19 and influenza test results to the New York State Department of Health within 24 hours of receipt rather than 3 hours, as was previously outlined in a September 21 notice issued by the NYS Commissioner of Health.

Due to today’s quickly evolving landscape, MLMIC policyholders are reminded to remain vigilant in staying up-to-date with new executive orders and closely monitor our resources page and blog for guidance on the management and treatment of COVID-19.


An update to Executive Order (EO) 202.61 issued by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says healthcare personnel who order and administer molecular, antigen or serological COVID-19 tests must now document and report if the patient attends, works or volunteers in a school (of any level) and, if so, the name and location of the school. New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) notes these requirements extend to physician office laboratories (POLs) and all point of care (POC) or rapid testing performed by a healthcare provider.

The amendment, according to NYSDOH, expands data reporting requirements released earlier in September, which include a patient’s full residential address, local address if different from the permanent address, phone number, occupation and employer name, full work address, employer phone number and race and ethnicity.

All test results, as outlined in the EO, must be immediately (not more than 3 hours) reported to NYSDOH through the Electronic Clinical Laboratory Reporting System (ECLRS) once received. Additionally, the EO specifies that healthcare personnel, clinical labs and POLs conducting POC influenza tests must also report these results via ECLRS within three hours of obtaining the results. While the DOH is updating forms to include fields to document the new data, healthcare professionals are instructed to capture the information under “occupation.”

Policyholders are advised to call (866) 325-7743 or email eclrs@health.state.ny.us with any questions regarding protocol for SARS-CoV-2 and influenza testing.

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