MLMIC Announces Release of Its Updated Proactive Basic Risk Management Course

MLMIC has released an updated version of its Proactive Basic Risk Management Course as part of its ongoing commitment help physicians and other healthcare professionals improve the quality of patient care and reduce potential liability exposure in their practices. This program is intended for physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals who have not yet completed any of MLMIC’s Proactive Risk Management CME Courses.

In addition to its educational value, completion of this risk management course will provide CME credits and qualify physician policyholders for the applicable premium credit (5%, VAP or ECPIP), as well as eligibility for the excess medical malpractice insurance program.

This Internet-based online program is currently available and covers the following topics:

  • the key issues defense attorneys consider when handling malpractice cases;
  • the liability risks associated with the use of electronic health records in the office practice setting;
  • effectively dealing with patient noncompliance and establishing appropriate follow-up procedures in the office; and
  • review of a high exposure liability malpractice case and the associated risks.

Emails and letters have been sent to eligible insureds further explaining the course.

To access the Proactive Basic Risk Management Course, policyholders should sign into the secure site here.

For further information about CME programs for premium credit, click here.