MLMIC to Host Warren Buffett for Conversation on the Economy and New York’s Healthcare Marketplace

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett will be joining MLMIC Chairman of the Board James Reed, M.D. for a live streaming event at noon on Wednesday, October 17, 2018. The moderated discussion is available for free online (no registration required) and represents an opportunity for policyholders and others – including providers, practice administrators, hospital CEOs and other healthcare leaders – to hear how the top economic issues impact New York’s ever-changing healthcare marketplace.

Click here to learn how to view the MLMIC-sponsored “Conversation with Warren Buffett.”

During the event, which is expected to last about 30 minutes, Reed and Buffett plan to discuss the state of today’s economy and address factors that impact the future of New York’s medical professionals. Mr. Buffett will answer questions about the MLMIC/Berkshire Hathaway Transaction, healthcare and the economy. Dr. Reed will remark on the current healthcare environment in New York, recent trends and potential developments statewide moving forward.

Together, they will cover many topics central to New York healthcare providers, including:

  • the decision for Berkshire Hathaway to purchase MLMIC and what the relationship means to MLMIC;
  • how the current political and economic environments affect healthcare;
  • major changes on the horizon for the practice of medicine; and
  • the outlook for the future given MLMIC’s increased financial strength post-acquisition.

We hope you will join us for this monumental discussion marking finalization of the transaction that adds MLMIC to the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies.

About the speakers

Since 1970, Warren Buffett has overseen the incredible growth of Berkshire Hathaway into the tremendously successful multinational conglomerate that it is today. With Buffett at the helm, Berkshire Hathaway and its companies have had a long history of developing brands that have become household names.

Reed is a family practice physician who became chairman of MLMIC in May of 2017. He is also president and CEO of St. Peter’s Health Partners – the Capital Region’s largest health system.