Warren Buffett on Protecting Physicians and Building on Success: “We’re Here to Last”

In a monumental discussion marking the finalization of the transaction that adds MLMIC to the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies, Warren Buffett expressed great enthusiasm about the future of healthcare and MLMIC’s role protecting New York physicians.

A recording of the live-streamed conversation between Buffett and MLMIC Chairman of the Board James Reed, M.D., is available below:

During the October 17 “Conversation with Warren Buffett,” the Berkshire Hathaway CEO shared details about

  • the level of financial security that the Berkshire Hathaway Group of insurance companies brings to policyholders insured by MLMIC;
  • a hopeful outlook for medicine and healthcare, as he explores solutions with JPMorgan and Amazon;
  • why MLMIC’s role in the New York medical malpractice insurance marketplace has been – and continues to be – so vital; and
  • why he doesn’t plan to make any changes to MLMIC.

The conversation also includes insights from Dr. Reed on MLMIC’s underwriting philosophy; competition and collaboration within the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies; and MLMIC’s capabilities to provide analytics that improve patient safety and advance patient care.

You can read press coverage of the event in Bloomberg, Crain’s New York Business and Albany Business Review.

To learn more about how MLMIC is securing the future for New York’s medical professionals and read more about its transaction with Berkshire Hathaway, click here.