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3 years ago

For a few years now, we’ve been in what some would call “a heavy news cycle” when it comes to sweeping changes in healthcare. Some of those changes are at the federal level, and others are particular to New York State, such as proposed extension of the statute of limitation on claims or potential volatility in our competitive landscape. How do you know what impacts your own practice? How does it affect how you manage risks and expenses?

Our simple answer is this: let us continue to help you through healthcare and industry shifts. Of course, any amount of change can sometimes cause concern among practicing physicians and dentists, and so we wanted to take a moment to let you know some of the ways MLMIC acts as a resource and a partner with our policyholders:

Even though MLMIC is vigilant and attentive in matters affecting your liability risks, it’s likely you’ll still have questions from time to time about something you hear or read. In those cases, whether we’ve already covered it or not, please reach out. We’re always happy to discuss what’s on your mind!


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