May 20, 2021

Risk Management Checklists: Technology in Healthcare

MLMIC encourages policyholders to review these important Risk Management Checklists on technology, including guidance on EHR copy/paste, computers in exam rooms, patient portals, protected health information, health IT and online reviews.

February 15, 2021

Risk Management Tip: The Use of Computers in Examination Rooms

The presence of laptops/tablets in examination rooms has become commonplace as more providers implement electronic health records. This method of documentation may place a barrier between the provider and the patient. Review this Risk Management Tip from MLMIC to reinforce related policies and protocols within your practice or facility.

June 21, 2017

New Idea for EHRs: Let Patients “Set the Agenda”

MLMIC supports exploring ways to reduce the barriers that computers in exam rooms may introduce into the physician patient relationship. Actively engaging patients in the process of incorporating their health concerns into the EHR may be beneficial to both the patient and the provider.