November 10, 2021

Online Research vs. Physician Guidance: Are Patients Turning to the Internet Even More?

In addition to researching symptoms and health concerns ahead of seeking care, patients are also turning to Google following medical appointments or instead of disclosing information to their doctors altogether.

May 5, 2021

Attorneys Respond to Medical Professional Liability FAQs on the Doctor-Patient Relationship

MLMIC encourages policyholders to review attorneys’ answers to frequently asked questions on medical professional liability related to the doctor-patient relationship, including legal guidance on when the relationship begins and how to discharge a patient.

March 20, 2021

Risk Management Checklists: Challenges Within the Physician-Patient Relationship

MLMIC encourages policyholders to review these important Risk Management Checklists on the physician-patient relationship, including guidance on properly discontinuing the physician-patient relationship, treating patients with whom you have a close relationship and managing patient noncompliance.