July 1, 2019

Qualifying MagnaCare Participating Providers Can Save Up to 12% on MLMIC Medical Liability Insurance

MLMIC and MagnaCare announce a new discount program that offers New York providers the potential to save significantly on their medical liability insurance premiums. Qualifying participating providers receive a discount of up to 12%. In addition, many will also qualify for MLMIC’s claims free discount (7.5%-12%), a no-consent option discount (5%) and an annual prepay discount (2%).

April 19, 2018

Policyholders: Excess Insurance Renewals Due Prior to July 1

MLMIC will be sending Section 18 excess insurance renewal notices to policyholders May 1. Renewal applications are due prior to July 1 and may be submitted through MLMIC’s secure policyholder portal. Excess insurance provides an important layer of insurance protection to policyholders.