November 10, 2021

Online Research vs. Physician Guidance: Are Patients Turning to the Internet Even More?

In addition to researching symptoms and health concerns ahead of seeking care, patients are also turning to Google following medical appointments or instead of disclosing information to their doctors altogether.

September 22, 2021

Addressing Low Health Literacy Inside and Outside the Exam Room

Most physicians and other healthcare providers encounter patients with limited health literacy every day. Increasing awareness and facilitating patient education can mitigate the impact of health literacy on health outcomes and patient safety – and reduce liability risk.

December 15, 2020

Risk Management Tip: Communicating with Low Health Literacy Patients

The lay public often has limited knowledge and understanding of medical terminology. Effective communication with patients may improve compliance with treatment regimens, enhance the informed consent process, and increase safe medication use. Review this Risk Management Tip from MLMIC to reinforce related policies and protocols within your practice or facility.