July 13, 2021

Know Your Limits: A Q&A on Medical Professional Liability Coverage

Hospitals and healthcare practitioners can better protect themselves by being informed regarding the medical professional liability coverage they have and the coverage of those practicing around them.

April 19, 2018

Policyholders: Excess Insurance Renewals Due Prior to July 1

MLMIC will be sending Section 18 excess insurance renewal notices to policyholders May 1. Renewal applications are due prior to July 1 and may be submitted through MLMIC’s secure policyholder portal. Excess insurance provides an important layer of insurance protection to policyholders.

July 12, 2017

Media Reports Major Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier Ousts CEO

Media reports indicate that New York State has ousted the CEO of the state’s second largest medical malpractice insurance carrier. Although dramatic changes like this may give the appearance of instability in the entire market, MLMIC assures policyholders that their coverage is not at risk and MLMIC continues to demonstrate sound financial condition.