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Save 10% on MLMIC malpractice insurance.

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CHS Physician Partners and MLMIC Insurance Company are working to bring New York’s #1 medical liability insurance to a network of more than 1,000 physicians through the IPA’s Risk Purchasing Group. This is a unique opportunity for qualifying physicians who meet underwriting criteria to get the highest quality liability insurance at an even lower cost – thanks to an exclusive 10% discount offered to CHS Physician Partners IPA, LLC RPG members.

Policyholders also get access to extra benefits at no additional cost:

  • MLMICAnalytics

    Exclusive claims and adverse event analysis services.

  • MLMICRisk Protect

    Proactive risk management services.


    24/7 access to a growing series of cutting-edge CME programs – viewable in any format on any device.

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Please call (888) 570-7442 or email CHSPP-MLMICdiscount@phalanxllc.com.

Save even more

CHS Physician Partners IPA members who are also MLMIC policyholders may qualify for a variety of additional discounts as well, including:

Claims Free Discount

Up to 50%
New Doctor Discount

Up to 50%
Part-Time Discount

Risk Management Course Discount

No-Consent Option Discount

Annual Prepay Discount