Report a Claim

If you become aware of any incident which could reasonably lead to a claim against you, or you receive notice of a lawsuit or claim, you must notify MLMIC’s claims department as soon as reasonably possible. Claims may be reported in writing or by telephone and followed up in writing. Notice of a claim, lawsuit, or incident shall include:

  • Your name
  • Your policy number
  • The date and time of the incident
  • The date and method of service of legal papers
  • A brief description of the incident, including the dates and names and addresses of the parties involved
  • A list of all professional liability insurance policies under which you are covered or might be covered, including the names of the insurance companies, hospitals in which there may be other coverage, policy numbers, policy dates, and limits of liability

When reporting a claim, please contact the Claims office nearest to you.

Dentists and Oral Surgeons, please contact:

Long Island (516) 794-7200
Syracuse (315) 428-1188

All other policyholders, please contact:

New York City (212) 576-9850
Latham (518) 786-2700
Long Island (516) 794-7200
Syracuse (315) 428-1188

It is the policy of MLMIC to settle meritorious claims as equitably and expeditiously as possible and to resist and aggressively defend cases without merit.

Claims Department Overview

MLMIC maintains a professional claims staff strategically located throughout New York State, with offices in New York City, Long Island, Latham, and Syracuse, enabling our staff to maintain direct personal contact with our policyholders. The company is committed to conducting an early and comprehensive medical and legal analysis of claims and lawsuits in order to provide our insureds with the best possible representation while controlling defense and settlement costs. All claims and suits are reviewed by a physician member of MLMIC’s Claims Review Committee and, subject to the terms and conditions of MLMIC’s physician’s professional liability policy, MLMIC will not settle any claim or lawsuit without the consent of the insured.

All claims against MLMIC-insured dentists are reviewed by dentists who are members of NYSDA’s Underwriting/Claims Committee. No claim against an insured dentist will be settled without the consent of a majority of the members of the District Claims Committee of the insured’s component of NYSDA.

MLMIC has retained more than 100 experienced legal defense firms to represent its policyholders. Our defense firms have a solid record of successfully defending New York physicians, healthcare facilities, and hospitals.

Other Considerations

  • Prompt reporting of incidents, claims, or lawsuits is the key to a successful defense. Failure to report a lawsuit in a timely fashion could result in a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff.
  • Consult with MLMIC before releasing records or other information that may be or is possibly related to professional medical malpractice litigation. Do not in any way alter your record.
  • Do not contact the patient’s attorney or the patient himself. You may believe that you can dissuade the parties from pursuing the action, but this is rarely the case.
  • Limit your contacts concerning the case to MLMIC representatives and/or your appointed defense counsel.
  • Be an active participant in your defense. Be prepared to set aside the necessary time to meet with MLMIC representatives and your defense counsel to review your care and treatment and discuss defense strategy.