How are “volunteer services” defined?
We define volunteer as a retired physician providing professional services for no fee, salary, or other compensation—with the exception of reimbursement for expenses incurred delivering those services.

What are the coverage limits of liability?
The same as you held when actively practicing prior to retirement and last insured by MLMIC.

Are defense costs covered?
Yes. If a claim is filed against you, defense costs are paid in addition to the limits of liability.

Are regulatory actions also covered?
Yes, if the returning physician held such coverage previously, regulatory defense coverage is provided for actions resulting from volunteer professional services.

How do I activate my coverage?
Simply click here to request your coverage be activated or call MLMIC at (800) ASK-MLMIC and ask for Underwriting.

Does this have any impact upon my presently existing tail policy?
No, your decision to volunteer and accept this benefit has no impact on your tail policy.