• Part Time Practice: policyholders who face a downturn in hours can reclassify their practice to be on a part time basis. If accepted, part time status carries with it a reduction in premium.
  • Suspension of Practice: for those policyholders who have decided to discontinue practice for a period of time to allow the impact of COVID to pass, their practice can be suspended and if approved by MLMIC, premium costs will be reduced significantly. (See more information in our FAQs.)
  • Renewal Application Updates:  Understanding the demands policyholders face at this time, MLMIC will be delaying the request for updated practice information until next year, including the part time renewal application, which is normally required for renewal.  If you currently have part time coverage, we will renew your policy on that basis unless you notify us of a change to full time.  Recent changes in your practice should always be communicated to MLMIC so that proper coverage is in place.
  • Read Regulatory Notice regarding premium payments.

For any policyholder interested in seeking a part time status or to request a suspension of practice status, please call 800 ASK-MLMIC (800-275-6564) and ask to speak with the Underwriting Department or contact your Producer.

MLMIC continues to explore options and alternatives to provide assistance and support to our policyholders throughout the state of New York as we all deal with the impact COVID has brought upon health care and health care delivery throughout New York State. MLMIC has and continues to coordinate closely with all engaged government authorities and will provide updates and further information as it develops  For further information, our staff remains directly available via phone (800) ASK-MLMIC (1-800-275-6564) and every effort will be made to handle inquiries and answer questions regarding claims, coverages and policies on an immediate basis.