About the Program

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company (MLMIC) and the New York State Dental Association (NYSDA) developed the NYSDA-MLMIC Program, a dental professional liability insurance program exclusively for NYSDA members. The Program is designed to give NYSDA members the best liability protection available at the lowest possible premiums consistent with fiscal responsibility, plus the highest level of personalized service. Of particular importance is the fact that this program is owned and controlled by New York State Dentists.

The Underwriting/Claims Committee

One of the primary benefits for policyholders in the Program is the coordination between MLMIC and NYSDA’s Underwriting/Claims Committee, comprised of dentists from across the state and appointed by NYSDA. The Committee works closely with MLMIC to make recommendations and decisions concerning the operations of the program, including actuarially sound rate setting and dividend policy, and prudent risk selection and claims handling.

The Committee also conducts interviews of prospective applicants who may have prior adverse claims experience and/or licensure issues. Although an interview is no guarantee that coverage will be provided, it offers the opportunity for prospective policyholders to discuss their claims experience and/or licensure issues with a panel of their peers. Likewise, a program participant with adverse experience is not automatically canceled or surcharged without a similar opportunity to meet personally with the Underwriting/Claims Committee.