The Spring 2017 edition of Dental Dateline – the newsletter for MLMIC-insured dentists – has been added to our online publications’ library here. The latest edition, which will also be mailed to policyholders, includes the following:

  • a cover story about the noncompliant dental patient (written from a risk management perspective);
  • a look at expanded liability related to failure to warn patients of medication side effects;
  • a case study about successful management of a noncompliant patient;
  • information for dentists regarding an alternative to certified mail;
  • risk management tips for documenting follow-up of noncompliant patients;
  • a description of premium discounts available to new dentists via the NYSDA-MLMIC Program; and
  • an announcement about live customer service operators replacing MLMIC’s automated phone system.

You can access the full issue here.