MLMIC provides a number of discount opportunities to help lower your premiums.

If you are an oral surgeon, please contact an underwriter for premium and discount information at (800) 683-7769.

Risk Management Discount

Dentists who successfully complete a NYSDA approved Risk Management Program receive a 10% premium discount for three (3) successive policy periods. MLMIC currently approves the New York State Dental Association’s (NYSDA’s) risk management course. To register for the online course, click

To view the schedule and register for live courses in your area, click or call (800) 255-2100.

New Dentist 4-Year Discount Program

First Year – Newly Graduated Dentists

flat rate premium of $50 for either a first-year claims made policy or an occurrence policy, at limits of $1 Million/$3 Million, is available to qualifying newly graduated dentists entering private practice for the first time immediately following the completion of training.

Note: The New Dentist Flat Rate and Part-Time, Risk Management or Volunteer Discounts Will Not Be Applied Concurrently.

Newly graduated dentists who do not qualify for the flat rate premium may be eligible for a 75% first year discount off the standard rates for either claims made or occurrence coverage.

Second through Fourth Year New Dentist Discounts

2nd year: 60%

3rd year: 25%

4th year: 10%

Note: The New Dentist and Part-Time Discounts Will Not Be Applied Concurrently.

A dentist or oral surgeon who transfers from a new dentist discount program of another carrier and meets the eligibility requirement of MLMIC’s program may continue to receive a new dentist discount subject to the rates and rules of MLMIC’s program.

Part-Time Practitioner Discount

A premium discount of 50% is available to dentists who limit their practice of dentistry to 20 hours a week or less.

Excess Dental Malpractice Program Eligibility

Pursuant to New York State Insurance Department Regulation 124, in order to remain eligible for participation in the dental malpractice excess insurance program, hospital affiliated dentists must complete an excess dental malpractice risk management course every two years. MLMIC has designed Risk Management Programs that its insured dentists can take to satisfy both the premium credit and excess eligibility requirements.

MLMIC policyholders can register for, begin or continue CE programs online here.

Quick Pay Discount

A 3% premium credit is applied to dentists for prompt payment of the full annual premium upon receipt of the invoice.