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Risk Management Consultative Services

Consulting Staff
MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants are professionals with diverse experience in the healthcare industry who are skilled in loss prevention. The Risk Management Consultants operate regionally and provide services to our physician and dentist policyholders throughout New York State. For risk management telephone assistance, physicians and dentists should call the MLMIC office nearest to their practice.

New York City (800) 275-6564
Long Island (877) 777-3560
Syracuse (800) 356-4056

MLMIC is committed to the education of healthcare professionals as an effective means of improving patient care and, ultimately, reducing the number and severity of claims. MLMIC’s Risk Management Department is available for dental office practice surveys and assessments to help minimize the liability exposure of MLMIC-insured dentist policyholders – at no cost.

Legal Advice and Services

From analyzing specific regulatory information to legal audits and assessments of medical practice areas, MLMIC policyholders can access a variety of legal services provided by Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann, LLP.

Dentist Resources

From personalized research assistance to reference materials and frequently asked questions, MLMIC is committed to helping dentists get the answers and support they need – every step of the way.