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Medical Records Administration

The complete legal guide to healthcare records management: Disclosure, retention, technology. Cherilyn Murer, Michael Murer, Lyndean Lenhoff Brick. McGraw-Hill Book Company; 2000. Topics covered include: records defined-general discussion and definitions of Federal and state laws, ownership issues of medical records-general ownership, physician/provider conflict, records to keep- why must you keep?, time requirement for record-keeping, the electronic record and special problems with advancing technology, storing and correcting medical records, disclosure of records-such as drug and alcohol abuse records, communicable disease information, dealing with court orders and subpoenas, participation in medical research, disposal of medical records, healthcare business records- what are they and do you keep them?

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-022)

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Electronic health records-A practical guide for professionals and organizations. Margret Amatayakul. American Health Information Management Association; 2004. An industry leader shares her expertise with this step-by-step guide for anyone interested in the implementation of an electronic health record (EHR). The book discusses the elements of EHR implementation in a clear, chronological format, from planning to execution. Along the way, readers receive a solid background in EHR history, trends, and common pitfalls and gain the skills they will need for a successful implementation. Up-to-the minute information provides a solid, big-picture, information-packed text in a portable size, complete with updates on the HIPAA privacy and security rules. The book translates highly complex material into everyday, understandable language, making it an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of the EHR. Contains a list of key points at the beginning of each chapter and a summary at the end of each chapter for easy reference.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-038 2004)

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Off the (paper) charts: The state of electronic records. HCPro, Inc.; 2005. This special report covers the latest initiatives in electronic health records, practical advice from others who have lived through installation, and strategies to help you prepare to make the change at your organization. It includes: several case studies from facilities that have successfully installed an electronic records system, a look at an organization that developed its own information sharing infrastructure advice from a former installer who shares what facilities should consider before taking the plunge, tips on how to get physician buy-in.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-039)

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Medical informatics – an executive primer. Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS); 2007. Medical Informatics includes real-world examples illustrating how technologies such as electronic prescribing, personal health records, computerized practitioner order entry, identity management and electronic health records are changing the way healthcare is provided, and how they improve the quality and safety of patient care. In addition, the book examines the business of medical informatics, with analysis on return on investment, strategy management for implementing an electronic health record, software selection and project management. Special features include case studies on electronic prescribing, regional health information exchange, and the personal health record; a glossary of medical informatics / HIT terms; and an extensive bibliography.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-040)

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Electronic health records – A practical guide for professionals and organizations. Margret K. Amatayakul. American Health Information Management Association; 2007. The book has been updated to include the latest trends and applications in electronic health records, and offers step-by-step guidelines for developing and implementing EHR strategies for healthcare organizations.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-038 2007)

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Electronic medical records: Legal risks and responsiblities. Strafford Publications, Inc.; 2008. The Bush administration announced in October that it would provide higher Medicare payments to about 1,200 physicians nationwide as an incentive for using electronic medical records. CMS is encouraging private insurers to offer similar incentives. The program panel of health care attorneys will identify the major risks and potential liabilities in managing electronic medical records and will offer best practices to avoid litigation and penalties.

(Call No. Audio CD 561-172)

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Medical records disaster planning and recovery: A health information manager’s survival guide. Tom Walsh, et al.. American Health Information Management Association; 2009. The book includes clear explanations and analyses that need to take place to build a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Included are definitions, an exploration of the current regulatory field, and analysis of the future of disaster recovery management.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-041)

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Implementing ICD-10-CM/PCS for hospitals: A project guide and toolkit. Tori E. Sullivan, et al. American Health Information Management Association; 2010. The switch to ICD-10-CM/PCS is the biggest change in healthcare in US history. Strategic management and specialized education are vital to smoothly transition of ICD-10-CM/PCS. This step-by-step guide provides implementation guidance for large or small healthcare organizations. The book includes tools, detailed project management advice and easy-to-follow action steps.

(Call No. Med Rcds 500-042)

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