MLMIC Risk Protect

Risk Protect is a proactive initiative designed to actively address and aggressively manage specific areas of risk, at no cost to MLMIC policyholders.

By providing unique services such as on-site risk management surveys/audits and tailored and targeted risk management educational programs, Risk Protect enables MLMIC insureds to undertake self-protective measures to manage their risks, reduce exposures, and prevent adverse outcomes.

Annual Risk Management Seminar

MLMIC’s Risk Management Seminar is an annual event where the executives, risk managers, and other interested personnel from its insured facilities, are presented with lectures by the foremost experts in the healthcare industry on current trends and topics essential to ongoing and effective risk management.

Listen to presentations from our 2016 Risk Management Seminar

Consultative Services

MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants are professionals with diverse experience in the healthcare industry who are skilled in loss prevention. The Risk Management Consultants operate regionally and provide services to physician policyholders throughout New York State.

MLMIC also employs physicians in many specialties as risk management consultants. These doctors are experienced in
reviewing claims in their specialties, and therefore, have a special expertise in claim reduction/loss control techniques.
They are available to participate in surveys of specific hospital departments and can deliver lectures to the employees at MLMIC insured facilities.

Regional Network Meetings

MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants have established regional network meetings for our insured institutions to facilitate the sharing of information and problem solving. Participants include representatives from our insured facilities and MLMIC staff members. Meetings are held at times and locations that are convenient to the insureds, with most meetings including an educational program. The agendas are determined by the participants and focus on needs identified by the group. Ideas are shared, solutions to problems are discussed, RM/QI tools are exchanged, and interesting publications are reviewed. Participants also have an opportunity to network with their professional colleagues.

Policy and Procedure Audits

MLMIC has identified certain hospital policies, procedures, and areas of medical practice which will be reviewed in an effort to educate hospital and medical staff regarding the current state of the law relating to hospital practices, as well as to recommend appropriate changes in organization, policies, procedures, and education. Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann, LLP attorneys will examine the policies and procedures to identify hospital compliance with those legal standards that have a direct impact on the hospital’s professional and/or general liability.

Departmental Focused Surveys

The policy audits may be combined with a survey of a selected high risk area or department by an attorney, a physician and/or a Risk Management Consultant. A hospital that is concerned with certain liability potential or practices in a specific department may request an audit and survey of the area by an attorney and a physician, respectively, with experience in that specialty.

Biomedical and General Liability Surveys

A number of facilities are selected each year to undergo a Biomedical and General Liability Survey. The purpose of this survey, conducted by Risk Management Consultants, is to ensure the safety of a facility for patients, visitors, and staff. The survey involves a review of biomedical equipment maintenance agreements and assessment of hospital equipment. The physical plant is also reviewed from a general liability perspective, including environmental safety concerns. The results of the survey and any recommendations for corrective action are provided in a written report to the hospital.

Annual Risk Assessment and Questionnaire

An annual evaluation of the overall risk management program at your facility will include the mechanisms of the program, as well as the results achieved. The objectives of the evaluation are to determine whether the risk management activities are meeting the program goals and identify ways to improve the risk management program.

Legal Advice and Services

From analyzing specific regulatory information to legal audits and assessments of medical practice areas, MLMIC policyholders can access a variety of legal services provided by Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann, LLP.

Staff Lecture Program

Educating staff members as to their responsibilities for providing high-quality care in a safe environment is a major element of MLMIC’s risk management program. An informed and highly motivated staff is a facility’s best resource for reducing the potential for patient injury and subsequent financial loss. Another advantage of staff education is that, when employees are comfortable with the loss control concept, they will more readily notify management of patient incidents.

MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants and Fager Amsler Keller & Schoppmann, LLP attorneys are available to deliver lectures to the employees at MLMIC insured facilities, including the nurses and residents. The presentations are individually tailored to meet the needs of the target audience. Topics may include an overview of points of law, the legal elements of malpractice, basic risk management procedures, and malpractice prevention measures.